Branding, Motion, Content Design, Merchandise Design
Before opening their doors; yakitori bar, Nook, needed a full design system to stand out in the already colourful St Kevins Arcade. With a small footprint and store frontage (hence the name), Nook has to be loud to capture the attention of diners.
The identity is grounded in heavy typography and a bold colour palette. Inspired by the bold typography of opening movie credits, the primary logo is set in a heavy typeface with tight kerning, referencing the bar’s name and location. This idea of bold typography and high contrast flows on to the rest of the identity. A neon orange is contrasted with a light cream as the minimal yet impactful brand palette.
Hints of playful, tongue and cheek illustrations softens the bold, assertive typography. The nod to vintage typography and layouts reflects the interior choices of vintage sound systems and bold neon lights, creating a seamless experience.